“It is rare when a writer can accurately articulate the experience of struggling with a disorder. It is even more rare to find that person able to do so with humor and accessibility. To find all of that embodied in someone such as James, who happens to have struggled with much of what he writes, is indeed a reader’s privilege. I came away from this book not only laughing and sighing but more importantly gaining a deeper insight into an often misunderstood disorder. Throughout the novel one can hear James’ own voice, honest, direct, brave, beautifully stark and poignant.”
     —Ted Rubenstein, Clinical Director of Institute for Therapy through the Arts

“I have known James Williams most of his life, and I have seen him transform from a shy, echolalic five-year-old into a thoughtful, articulate teenager. What he has to say about children who struggle with immense disabilities is valuable not only to the families who must struggle alongside them but to the teachers and professionals who endeavor to understand them. Out to Get Jack beautifully demonstrates that we all have a lot to learn, and gifted thinkers such as James can help show us the way.”
     —Annabel Stehli, Author of The Sound of a Miracle: A Child's Triumph Over Autism

Out to Get Jack, a brilliant new 1st novel by James Williams, is a winner, and will leave the reader genuinely thinking about serious matters. With incredibly piercing insight and unstoppable humor, James breathes a life into Jack that makes one hope this work will be made into a major motion picture about autism. And that's the real gift James has given us: he takes us gently, prosaically, into the world of the autistic child. Oh the things you will see!”
     —Rev Antonio Hernandez, Author of No Duty To Retreat: The Stories of Tourette's Disease and Asperger's Autism

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